About The Game

Tank Trouble is a game for those who love tanks. This is a multiplayer game where up to 3 players can play it from the same computer.

Your Mission

At the beginning of the game you have to choose game mode - play vs computer or real person. Your mission is to destroy the enemy tanks with different weapons.


Player 1: [E][S][D][F] control tank, [Q] - shoot
Player 2 :Arrows to move , [M] - shoot
Player 3: Mouse to control and [click] to shoot

More Information

Tank Trouble is a unique game where up to 3 players can play at the same time, fighting with each other. The main mission of this game is of course to destroy the tanks of your enemy. During the game you will notice some icons on the map. If you get them you can use the special weapons and other perks. Tank trouble also features a 1 vs computer mode, where your opponent will be Laika - a really smart player. Don't waste your time searching unblocked game on the internet,bookmark our website and enjoy.

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